BYour Word

Personal and business life message; if you say your going to do something, do it! Don’t commit to something that is unachievable. Set reasonable goals and accomplish them one by one.

Your Word


This note above can certainly be read/interpreted in many different ways. The message that I personally wanted to convey was more on a basic level (i.e. keeping your word). 

Personal Example: If I say, “Hey I’m going to come over tomorrow”, it is important for me to keep my word and commit to that. If I cannot then I should have never said I would in the first place.

Business Example: If I tell my boss “No problem, I can take care of this new customer deployment”, and I am able to because I am triple booked/engaged, the same concept applies as above, don’t say you can do it.

These are simple ways I feel can make you a better person over all to your Kids, Family, Friends, and Co-Workers.