Fitbit ChargeHR

Ok ok, so I decided to “try” the Fitbit ChargeHR and so far I’m extremely happy with it, so much I’ve returned the regular Charge.  I wanted to break down my thoughts on pros/cons.

PROs w/ pictures
-The PurePulse™ Heart rate monitor and tracking is really cool! Fitbit Charge HR - iPhone App Dashboard

-The watch-like clasp is comfortable and secure. IMG_8674

-The rubber has a much softer feel than the Charge, could possibly be a Con for some.
-It’s only $20 more.


CONs w/ solutions
– The PurePulse™ Heart rate monitor sometimes has issues tracking when working out with sweat buildup.
(Solution) – While working out slide the Fitbit ever so slightly up/down while drying up some of the moisture with your shirt or towel.

– The battery life is not as great as the Charge.
(Solution) – Keep your charger in your bag? lol, but no, what I do is charge it while driving, or sitting at my laptop.  Get into a routine where your not “loosing step counts” 🙂

-Sometime the rubber attracts dust.
(Solution) – Use non-scented baby wipes to keep in free of dust.


Other observations
-The HR has a softer(dimmer) LED then the regular Charge.  At first this bothered me, I wanted a bright light!  But it grew on my and now I prefer the softer (non-blaring) light.


I think I might have been slightly impatient when I purchased the regular Charge, the ChargeHR is well worth the extra $20.  However I’m happy I did try both as it enabled me to compare each product in-depth.  Bottom line is whichever model you choose, they both are great products that like anything have pros and cons.